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     Welcome to the Chronisverse Portraits Pages. Found herein is a collection of portraits to be used with Bioware's Neverwinter Nights (TM). We do not claim any ownership of the portraits or their conversion for use in the game, and are provided here merely for convenience of download.

     Our portraits are available in collections of five per zip file. In an effort to save bandwidth, and spare you having to download portraits that you don't want, they are not available as a single download.

     If you are interested in creating your own portraits, please check out Bioware's Tutorial.

     All portraits are fantasy in nature, and as such some may be considered of a mature nature. By browsing these pages, you accept that such images do not bother you.

     For better management of your portraits, which all use the TGA format, you can download a Windows XP/2000 thumbnail viewer, or try a versitile viewer like Irfanview.